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hopefully [sentence adverb: it is to be hoped that ...]
trotzdem [Er tat es trotzdem / doch / dennoch.]
regardless [placed at the end: He did it regardless.]
[es] schneit
[it] snows
[es] hagelte
[it] hailed
[es] regnet
[it] rains
[es] schneite
[it] snowed
[es] hagelt
[it] hails
[a slacker when it comes to education]
[Motto des US-Staates Kalifornien: Heureka. / Ich habe (es) gefunden.]
Eureka [USA] [California state motto: I have found it.]
[es] regnete
[it] rained
kwekerij {de} [SN]
[A farm where plants are grown, in particular for saplings­, flowers and fruits (including culinary vegetables), often without harvesting the entire plant unless it is used as a sapling]
parastataal [SN] [BN]
[relating to a company or agency controlled by the government but organizationally separate from it ]
't is [het is]
it's [it is]
[jag/du/han/hon/det/vi/ni/de] kan
[I/you/he/she/it/we/they] can
att absorbera
to absorb [include so that it no longer has separate existence]
det är
it's [it is]
det er
it's [it is]
å underminere
to mine [attach mines to it]
stemme {m} [tonerekke; noter til hver enkelt deltager i et ensemblestykke]
part [vocal or instrumental line; score for it]
det er
it's [it is]
å gjøre det slutt med kjæresten
[to end it with boyfriend or girlfriend]
[það] er
[it] is
[hann/hún/það/þú] getur
[he/she/it/you] can
inventive [when it comes to do stupid things­]
inventive [when it comes to do stupid things­]
hopefully [sentence adverb: it is to be hoped that ...]
að virðast [mér virðist, virðist]
to seem [it seems to me, seems]
að hafast [það hafðist]
to make [we made it]
að hafast [það hafðist]
to finish [it was finished]
vonarpeningur {k}
[cows that were sick and it was doubtful that they would survive]
fiskasteinn {k} [gamalt]
[a stone on which dried fish is pounded to make it soft]
to want [desire it to happen]
pellizco {m} de monja [col.]
pinch [done with a twist making it more painful]
cucharadita {f} de postre
dessertspoon [quantity it contains]
it's [it is]
any [in whatever quantity, all of it]
Inch'Allah. [Si Dieu le veut.]
Insha'Allah. [If it is God's will.]
Inch'Allah. [Si Dieu le veut.]
Inshallah. [If it is God's will.]
déposer [mettre en dépôt]
to deposit [to put somewhere to store it]
to sort [Br.] [coll.] [deal with something by repairing or organizing it]
Directoire {m} [1795-1799]
Directory [1795-1799] [also: Directorate] [governing five-member committee in the French First Republic from 1795 until 1799, when it was overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte]
it's [it is]
it's [it is]
it's [it is]
это eto
it's [it is]
[on/ona/ono] może
[he/she/it] can
[on/ona/ono] musi
[he/she/it] must
to je
it's [it is]
[ono] je
it's [it is]
preukázať [dok.] [prejaviť]
to show [make it clear that one has a particular quality]
vlajka {f}
flag [attached to a pole so it can be raised and lowered]
hlavička {f} [široké, okrúhle zakončenie dlhých al. tenkých vecí]
head [end of a long narrow object that is larger or wider than the rest of it]
podložka {f} [predmet na ochranu stola]
mat [small piece of material that is put on e.g. a table to protect it]
pečiatka {f}
stamp [printing tool and the pattern made by it]
razítko {n} [zast.] [správne: pečiatka]
stamp [printing tool and the pattern made by it]
štempeľ {m} [zast.] [al. ľud.] [pečiatka]
stamp [printing tool and the pattern made by it]
то је to je
it's [it is]
to je
it's [it is]
ono je
it's [it is]
то е to e
it's [it is]
ez van
it's [it is]
it's [it is]
είναι ine
it's [it is]
it's [it is]
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