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verschärfend [schlimmer machend]
exacerbating [making worse]
cheering [giving hope, making glad, or giving courage]
transparent [e.g. methods, methodology, decision-making process]
filming [making into film]
piercing [making holes]
frisieren [ugs.] [die Leistung durch nachträgliche Veränderungen steigern]
to tweak [coll.] [improve by making fine adjustments]
durchschleppen [ugs.] [Verlustgeschäft, unproduktiven Arbeiter]
to carry [coll.] [loss-making concern, non-productive worker]
to shatter [while making a clanging or clinking sound]
Flechtwerk {n}
wattle [material for making fences, walls, etc., consisting of rods or stakes interlaced with twigs or branches]
Raubkopierer {m}
bootlegger [making illicit copies of ]
lolbroek {de}
joker [person making jokes]
animation {u}
animation [making cartoon drawing move]
corrupting [making morally bad]
corrupting [making morally bad]
aprovechamiento {m}
capitalisation [Br.] [fig.] [making the most of]
pellizco {m} de monja [col.]
pinch [done with a twist making it more painful]
institutionalisation {f}
institutionalization [making part of a system]
institutionalisation {f}
institutionalisation [Br.] [making part of a system]
houblon {m} [ingrédient de la bière]
hops {pl} [for beer making]
topographie {f}
surveying [for map-making]
topographe {m}
surveyor [for map-making]
topographe {f}
surveyor [for map-making] [female]
abaculus {m}
[small cube or tile of colored glass for making ornamental pavements]
маслодельня {ж} maslodelʹnja
dairy [for making butter]
сыроварня {ж} syrowarnja
dairy [for making cheese]
tatuowanie {n}
tattoo [the practice of making a tattoo]
pletivo {n}
wattle [material for making fences, walls, etc., consisting of rods or stakes interlaced with twigs or branches]
wretched [making one feel annoyed]
voňavkárstvo {n}
perfumery [art of making perfume]
šejker {m}
shaker [for making cocktails]
realizácia {f}
realization [making real]
realizácia {f}
realisation [Br.] [making real]
zladenie {n}
reconciliation [making consistent or compatible]
zástavovina {f}
bunting [cloth for making flags]
kiparstvo {n}
statuary [archaic] [art or practice of making statues]
socialization [act or process of making socialistic]
epochal [epoch-making]
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