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assorted [mixed]
verworren [Situation, Information, Ideen]
muddled [mixed up]
confounded [mixed up, confused]
mashed [mixed]
Salatplatte {f} [Gericht]
salad [mixed salad]
Latwerge {f} [breiförmige Arznei]
electuary [a medicine mixed with honey or the like]
Mischtechnik {f}
mischtechnik [mixed technique]
Mischlings­kinder {pl}
[children of mixed racial parentage]
Apfelbackes {m} [fränk.]
[potato pancake made of potato batter mixed with chopped apples]
Redbone {m}
redbone [Am.] [esp. Louisiana] [person of mixed race] [pej.]
blandevann {n}
[(mineral) water with which spirits are mixed]
saft {m/f} [blandet ut med vann for å bli drikkeferdig]
[drink made of fruit juice, mixed with water]
Welcome! [to a mixed group or to a group of only men]
assorted [mixed]
frappé [cocktail]
frappé [mixed with crushed ice]
varied [mixed]
Państwo {} [osob.]
you [formal] [to a mixed gender group]
they [males, mixed gender groups]
spritzer [wine mixed with soda water]
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