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highbrow [tastes, music, author]
subdued [light, music]
blechern [Klang, Musik, Stimme etc.]
tinny [sound, music, voice, etc.]
rousing [music]
peppig [ugs.]
upbeat [coll.] [e.g. music]
moody [picture, film, music]
Tafel- [Tisch-; z. B. Messer, Wasser, Senf, Musik]
table [attr.] [e.g. knife, water, mustard, music]
schmelzend [Musik, Melodie]
languorous [music, melody]
wohltönend [geh.]
mellifluous [voice, music, etc.]
wuchtig [Klänge, Rede] [auch: Schlag]
powerful [music, speech] [also: blow]
opgenomen [bijv. muziek]
recorded [e.g. music]
bazuinkoor {de} [SN]
[a small brass ensemble, often with percussion, that plays festive and religious music in the tradition of the Moravian Church on special occasions such as birthdays and funerals]
rock {u} [rockmusik]
rock [rock music]
klaviatur {u}
keyboard [music instrument]
att låta provsjunga
to audition [music]
uddrag {n}
passage [of text, music etc.]
loud [e.g. music]
bue {m}
bow [archery, music]
låt {m}
song [in popular music]
dunkemusikk {m} [uform.]
[(pop) music with deafening, pounding rhythm]
å spille inn
to record [music etc.]
pinchar [esp.] [col.]
to play [music, CDs etc.]
retumbar [causar estruendo]
to boom [e.g. loud music etc.]
compás {m}
strain [piece / section of music]
swinging [music: rhythm, feel]
meditative [music, experience]
to compose [write music, songs, text]
accent {m}
stress [on syllables, music]
interprétation {f}
rendition [performance of play, poem, music etc.]
distorsion {f}
distortion [sound, music]
session {f}
session [legislature, music performance]
violon {m}
fiddle [coll.] [violin, esp. in folk music]
label {m}
label [brand name, esp. music and clothing industry]
programmation {f} [musique, spectacle, émission]
lineup [also: line-up] [music, acts billed for a show, schedule of events]
a varia [și în muzică]
to vary [also in music]
colegiu {n} [școală superioară]
college [of music, agriculture, technology etc.]
wagnerian {m}
Wagnerian [follower, admirer of Richard Wagner or his music]
amator {m} [pasionat]
amateur [of cars, art, music etc.]
harmoniously [music]
zagrać [dok.]
to play [sports/music/musical instruments]
grać [niedok.]
to play [sports/music/musical instruments]
to compose [music]
skomponować [dok.]
to compose [music]
nuta {f}
note [music]
utwór {m}
track [music]
urywek {m}
snatch [fragment of music]
polka {f}
polka [music, dance]
aranżer {m}
arranger [esp. of music]
skladať [nedok.] [hudbu, hud. diela]
to compose [music, musical works]
theme [in music]
motif [theme] [in music]
timpani [music instrument]
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