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cervical [relating to the neck]
verknackst [ugs.] [z. B. Fuß, Nacken]
sprained [e.g. ankle, neck]
dünnste [magerste, dürrste] [z. B. Arme, Beine, Hals]
skinniest [e.g. arms, legs, neck]
tragen [am Körper: z. B. Ring, Armbanduhr, Halskette, Brustbeutel]
to wear [e.g. ring, watch, necklace, neck pouch]
ausrasieren [den Nacken, die Achselhöhlen etc.]
to shave [ neck, armpits, etc.]
freilegen [z. B. Zahnhals, Arterie, Kabelader]
to expose [e.g. tooth neck, artery, cable core]
[ durch einen brennenden Autoreifen um Hals und Arme töten; Necklacing]
to necklace [S.Afr.] [to kill by placing a burning tyre round neck and arms; necklacing]
Halstuch {n}
kerchief [round the neck]
Nackenfell {n} [mit aufgestellten Haaren]
hackles {pl} [erectile hairs along the neck and back of an animal]
Halstuch {n}
handkerchief [around the neck]
Je lult uit je nek!
[To talk nonsens. Literally: You are twaddling out of your neck!]
stressnakke {m}
[pain, stiffness in the neck due to stress]
latigazo {m} cervical
whiplash [neck injury]
nuca {f}
nape [of the neck]
cervical [relating to the neck]
gorge {f}
throat [passage inside of neck]
sautoir {m} [bijouterie]
chain [worn around neck]
lavallière {f}
lavallière [floppy neck-tie]
cou {m} [partie antérieure]
throat [front of the neck]
cordon {m}
lanyard [cord around the neck, usually for an ID badge]
torticolis {m}
kink [stiff muscle in neck]
cervical [gât]
cervical [relating to the neck]
cerbice {f}
nape [of the neck]
grumaz {m}
nape [of the neck]
shackled [with a numella around the neck]
smycz {f} [np. na klucze]
lanyard [hung around neck]
cervical [relating to the neck]
spiežovec {m}
bell [on the neck of an animal]
zátylok {m} [zadná časť krku]
scruff [of the neck]
тил {м} [задната част на врата] til
nape [of the neck]
tarkó [occiput]
nape [back of the neck]
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