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coarse [offensive, objectionable]
rude [bad-mannered, offensive]
tuntig [ugs.] [pej.]
poofy [Br.] [sl.] [offensive]
dykey [offensive]
anstößig [unmoralisch]
odoriferous [morally offensive]
unlogisch [im abwertenden Sinn]
Irish [coll.] [potentially offensive] [illogical]
arschblöd [vulg.]
gay [coll.] [offensive] [foolish, stupid]
angelaufen [begonnen]
launched [e.g. military offensive]
angelaufen [begonnen]
commenced [e.g. military offensive]
einräuchern [in stinkenden Rauch hüllen]
to funk [to subject to offensive smoke] [obs.]
svin {n} [nedsætt.] [person der opfører sig gement og hensynsløst]
bastard [pej.] [offensive or disagreeable person]
perker {fk} [nedsætt., skældsord] [om fx pakistaner]
Paki [Br.] [coll.] [offensive]
mongoloid [foreld.] [nå oppfattes nedsett.] [som har Downs syndrom]
mongoloid [dated] [now considered offensive] [affected with Down's syndrome]
svartskalle {m} [nedsett.]
niggerhead [offensive]
mongo {m} [uform.] [nedsett., støtende] [person med Downs syndrom]
mongo [sl.] [offensive] [person affected with Down's syndrome]
kunta {kv} [niðr.] [sl.]
cunt [vulg.] [pej.] [offensive]
píka {kv} [talm.] [kvensköp]
cunt [vulg.] [pej.] [offensive]
júði {k} [gamalt] [niðrandi í nútímamáli]
Hebrew [dated or offensive]
fat [thick] [obese (potentially offensive)]
unbearable [offensive]
noisome [disgusting, offensive]
profane [vulgar, offensive]
innocuous [remark: not offensive]
ofensiva {f}
push [offensive]
shocking [morally offensive]
vulgaire [grossier]
profane [vulgar, offensive]
appuyer [assaut, offensive]
to support
déclencher [offensive]
to launch
relancer [compagnie, campagne, offensive]
to relaunch
contrer [offensive, armée]
to counter
lopette {f} [fam.] [insultant] [homosexuel]
poof [coll.] [offensive] [homosexual man]
nègre {m} [raciste]
spade [sl.] [Am.] [offensive] [black man]
nègre {m} [raciste]
coon [sl.] [offensive] [black man]
nègre {m} [raciste]
nigger [sl.] [offensive] [black man]
abusive [offensive]
evreu {m}
Hebrew [dated or offensive]
оскорбительный oskorbitelʹnyj
abusive [offensive]
зловонный slowonnyj
noisome [liter.] [having an extremely offensive smell]
деревенщина {м} {ж} [презр.] derewenschtschina
bumpkin [possibly offensive]
kliať [nedok.]
to swear [use offensive language]
hrešiť [nedok.] [kliať]
to swear [use offensive language]
čurák {m} [vulg.] [penis] [aj obr.: nadávka mužovi]
dick [vulg.] [penis] [also fig.: offensive word for a man]
kokot {m} [vulg.] [penis] [aj obr.: nadávka mužovi]
dick [vulg.] [penis] [also fig.: offensive word for a man]
chuj {m} [vulg.] [penis] [aj obr.: nadávka mužovi]
dick [vulg.] [penis] [also fig.: offensive word for a man]
mongolizmus {m}
mongolism [dated, now offensive] [Down's syndrome]
мацка {ж} [жарг.] [момиче, жена] matska
broad [Am.] [sl.] [often offensive]
kike [Am.] [offensive]
indián asszony
squaw [often found offensive]
abusive [offensive]
abusive [offensive]
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