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formal [official]
authoritative [official]
functional [obs.] [official]
[before or after the official termination of a contract]
erledigen [Angelegenheit]
to handle [legal or official matters]
leaken [Software, Musik etc. über das Internet verbreiten vor der offiziellen Veröffentlichung]
to leak [to publish software, music etc. on the internet before the official release date]
to unelect [to recall an official]
Abkommen {n}
accord [official agreement or treaty]
Benennung {f} [Bezeichnung, (offizieller) Name]
designation [official name]
Akte {f}
record [official document]
doen {het} opnemen in een instelling
commitment [the official consignment of a person to a mental hospital or prison]
residens {m}
residence [official home of a head of state or another high-ranking public person]
bandera {f}
colours [Br.] [official flag]
alguacil {m}
bailiff [Am.] [court official]
acuerdo {m}
compact [official agreement]
insignia {f}
badge [official emblem worn]
procurador {m}
procurator [Roman official]
procuradora {f}
procurator [Roman official] [female]
monseñor {m}
Monsignor [Catholic church official] [also: monsignor]
ofício {m} (comunicado oficial)
letter [esp. official letter]
officiel [réglementaire]
formal [official, e.g. invitation, dinner]
accredited [appointed, official]
cachet {m} [à l'encre]
stamp [made by an official on a passport etc.]
délivrance {f} [d'un visa, d'un certificat]
issue [of visa, ticket, official document]
dénomination {f}
designation [official name]
acte {m} [document]
record [official document]
convention {f} [contrat]
compact [official agreement]
разрешение {с} [документ] rasreschenije
permit [official authorization]
понятой {м} ponjatoj
witness [during official search]
(письменное) уведомление {с} (pisʹmennoje) uwedomlenije
notice [official letter]
pozycja {f}
position [job, official status]
pouczenie {n}
caution [official warning]
pochwała {f}
commendation [official praise]
funkcjonariusz {m} [osob.]
officer [official]
rezidencia {f}
residency [official house of a high-level state official]
Michigančan {m}
Michigander [official term by Michigan legislature]
Michigančanka {f}
Michigander [female] [official term by Michigan legislature]
povolenie {n} [oficiálne]
clearance [official permission]
nariadenie {n}
regulation [official order]
predpis {m}
regulation [official rule]
smernica {f}
regulation [official rule, directive]
vestník {m}
gazette [Br.] [official newspaper published by an organization]
званичан zvaničan
formal {adj} [official]
spis {m}
paper [document, official act]
резиденция {ж} rezidentsija
residence [official home]
formal [official]
document [official paper]
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