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ratzeputz [ugs.] [restlos, z. B. seinen Teller ratzeputz leeressen]
completely [e.g. clean one's plate completely]
kopfhängend [auch fig.]
despondent [with one's head hanging low]
entgangen [der Aufmerksamkeit etc.]
escaped [one's notice etc.]
schneuzend [alt]
blowing [one's nose]
bregenklöterig [nordd.] [ugs.] [verwirrt]
confused [not in possession of all one's mental faculties]
blowing [one's nose]
[pertaining to the legal duty of officially registering one's residence]
bezwingen [seine Ängste, seine Neugier, einen Drang etc.]
to quell [one's fears, one's curiosity, an urge, etc.]
abbezahlen [eine Hypothek, seine Schulden etc.]
to redeem [a mortgage, one's debts, etc.]
anhalten [Atem]
to hold [one's breath]
fodfæste {n}
footing [secure grip with one's feet]
bjelle {m/f}
bell [a little one as of cattle or of a fool's dress]
föðurbani {k}
patricide [one who murders father]
batefogo {m} [Afr.]
[a stick, broad at one end, which is applied in frantic, repetitive beating motions to regain control of a fire set in one's machamba.]
to squat [go down on one's haunches]
помнить [несов.] pomnitʹ
to remember [have in one's memory]
хранить в памяти [несов.] chranitʹ w pamjati
to remember [have in one's memory]
воскрешать в памяти woskreschatʹ w pamjati
to recall [bring back into one's mind]
mbledh [supet]
to shrug [one's shoulders]
kthej besim
to convert [to change one's religion]
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