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holprig [Straße, Weg etc.] [auch fig.]
bumpy [road, path, etc.] [also fig.]
gebührenpflichtig [mautpflichtig]
toll [attr.] [road, motorway]
negotiable [road, etc.]
negotiable [road, path, route, obstacle, waters]
busiest [e.g. road]
winding [road]
holperig [Straße, Weg etc.]
bumpy [road, path, etc.]
toll [attr.] [bridge, road]
ausgefahren [Feldweg, Straße]
rutted [(dirt) road]
crooked [road, path]
tweesprong {de}
fork [in a road or path]
vägtull {u}
toll [road toll]
tjälskott {n}
pothole [in a road surface]
livligt trafikerad
busy [road etc.]
omfartsvej {fk}
bypass [road]
busy [e.g. road]
strekning {m/f}
stretch [of road etc.]
trasé {m}
alignment [e.g. of a railway or road]
dekke {n} [på vei]
surface [on a road]
avkjøring {m/f}
[the act of driving off a road]
winding [road, path]
winding [road, path]
crooked [road, path]
umferðaræð {kv}
artery [arterial road]
ofaníburður {k}
gravel [for road work]
akrein {kv}
lane [on a marked road]
göturæsi {hv}
gutter [at the edge of a road]
to wind [track, road etc.: curve]
desviarse [del camino, tema]
to stray [from road, topic]
curva {f}
bend [in the road]
costado {m}
side [of a road, of the body etc.]
badén {m} [en carreteras]
gutter [of a road]
arcén {m}
shoulder [Am.] [on a road]
impraticable [route etc.]
impassable [road etc.]
dégagé [vue, route]
unobstructed [view, path, road]
verglacé [route]
icy [road]
uneven [e.g. road: bumpy]
to run [road, railway, railroad, boundary]
sabler [chaussée]
to grit [e.g. road in winter]
dégager [nez, rue]
to unblock [nose, road]
virage {m}
curve [bend in the road]
rocade {f}
bypass [ring road]
tournant {m} [virage]
bend [in the road]
drivable [of a road]
passable [of a road]
passable [of a road]
smooth [of road surfaces]
transitabilità {f} [inv.]
passability [road]
transitabilità {f} [inv.]
passableness [road]
transitabilità {f} [inv.]
negotiability [road]
cunetta {f}
gutter [at the edge of a road]
groapă {f} [pe șosea etc.]
pothole [in a road surface]
groapă {f} în șosea
pothole [in a road surface]
проводить [несов.] prowoditʹ
to lay [a road]
развилка {ж} raswilka
fork [in road]
поворот {м} (дороги) poworot (dorogi)
bend [in road]
дорожный сбор {м} doroschnyj sbor
toll [payment made to travel on a road]
kierunkowskaz {m} [drogowskaz]
signpost [road]
pobocze {n}
verge [road]
passable [of a road]
zahýbať [nedok.] [o ceste]
to bend [of a road]
zabáčať [nedok.] [o ceste]
to bend [of a road]
zabočovať [nedok.] [o ceste]
to bend [of a road]
podjazd {m}
underpass [road]
cestička {f} [na vidieku]
lane [narrow road]
zákruta {f}
twist [sharp bend in a road]
zatáčka {f}
twist [sharp bend in a road]
makadam {m} [materiál aj cesta]
macadam [material or road]
odbočka {f}
turn [Am.] [point where one road joins another]
rupa {f} [na cesti]
pothole [in a road surface]
rupa {f} na cesti
pothole [in a road surface]
fork [in a road or path]
pavement [Am.] [road surface]
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