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herausfordernd [eine Herausforderung darstellen]
challenging [daring, demanding, testing one's abilities]
Punkt. [i. S. von "weiter gibt es nichts zu sagen"]
Period. [esp. Am.]
freely [of one's own accord]
übergriffig [Verhalten]
encroaching [on personal space]
deflated [having lost one's conceitedness]
fordernd [herausfordernd, z. B. Aufgabe]
challenging [demanding, testing one's abilities]
Precisely. [agreeing with someone's opinion]
fabrikmäßig [z. B. Herstellung; i. S. v. Massen-]
mass [e.g. production]
disposed [had at one's disposal]
schlampig [ugs.] [pej.] [i.S.v. Schlampe]
slutty [coll.] [pej.]
sloperij {de} [mbt. auto's]
advocaat {de}
advocate [Scot.] [S.Afr.]
tikkertje {het}
tag [children's game]
zaken doen
to handel [obs.] [S.Afr.]
sondotter {u}
granddaughter [son's daughter]
dotterdotter {u}
granddaughter [daughter's daughter]
vovve {u} [barnord]
doggy [child's word]
spjälsäng {u}
cot [child's bed]
brön {pl} [starkt vard.] [bröst]
baps {pl} [Br.] [coll.] [woman's breasts]
namnteckning {u}
signature [signing with one's name]
mongolism {u} [Downs syndrom] [kan uppfattas som kränkande]
mongolism [Down's syndrome]
brodermördare {u}
fratricide [killer of one's brother]
brodermord {n}
fratricide [killing of one's brother]
systermördare {u}
fratricide [killer of one's sister]
at adsprede [fig.]
to divert [take mind off things­]
dattersøn {fk}
grandson [a daughter's son]
sønnesøn {fk}
grandson [a son's son]
sønnedatter {fk}
granddaughter [son's daughter]
datterdatter {fk}
granddaughter [daughter's daughter]
Oklahoma {n}
Oklahoma [U.S. state]
rangle {fk}
rattle [baby's toy]
kabine {fk} [fx førerkabine]
cab [e.g. driver's cab]
fodfæste {n}
footing [secure grip with one's feet]
admiral [Søværnet] <adm>
admiral [U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard] <ADM>
voluntary [of one's own accord]
barneforretning [barnebutikk]
[children's shop, shop selling stuff for kids]
mongoloid [foreld.] [nå oppfattes nedsett.] [som har Downs syndrom]
mongoloid [dated] [now considered offensive] [affected with Down's syndrome]
bjelle {m/f}
bell [a little one as of cattle or of a fool's dress]
klo {m/f} [hos hummer, skorpion o.s.v]
pukkel {m}
hump [of a camel, also on a person's back]
garderobe {m}
wardrobe [person's collection of clothes]
Georgia {n} [land i Europa eller delstat i USA]
Georgia [European country or U.S. state]
rulleblad {n}
[form with necessary information about the individual conscript's personnel, service and character]
Kripos {m} [ubøy.] [Den nasjonale enhet for bekjempelse av organisert og annen alvorlig kriminalitet]
[Norway's national police unit for combating organized crime and other severe criminality]
ögrandi [hvetjandi]
challenging [daring, demanding, testing one's abilities]
fráflakandi [skyrta, frakki o.s.frv.]
að hrings­óla [reikistjarna, flugvél o.s.frv.]
to circulate
að ýfa [hár]
to dishevel [ hair]
að árita
to endorse [write one's signature]
að þræða [stíg, leið]
to thread [make one's way]
að marra
to grate [one's teeth]
að fella [lauf, hár, tár o.s.frv.]
to shed
að frelsa [frelsa sál]
to save [save one's soul]
að frelsa [frelsa sál]
to redeem [save one's soul]
marchito [persona: envejecida]
faded [of a person's beauty due to age]
mongoloid [pejorative when used nowadays for a person with Down's syndrome]
paternal [on father's side of family]
lost [missing, not knowing one's location]
to shoot [Am.] [coll.] [take one's turn at pool, darts etc.]
to slur [one's speech]
to tousle [ hair]
to reappraise [change one's mind about]
consulta {f} [consultorio]
surgery [doctor's office] [Br.]
corteza {f}
crust [of pizza, bread, earth's]
consultório {m}
surgery [Br.] [doctor's office]
jurisdição {f}
jurisdiction [to be within a court's authority]
pincel {m}
brush [painter's brush]
Cascão {m} [personagem da Turma da Mônica]
Smudge [Monica's Gang character]
Lobisomem {m} [personagem da Turma da Mônica]
Wolfgang [Monica's Gang character]
Cranicola {m} [personagem da Turma da Mônica]
Skully [Monica's Gang character]
batefogo {m} [Afr.]
[a stick, broad at one end, which is applied in frantic, repetitive beating motions to regain control of a fire set in one's machamba.]
franchement [parler, s'exprimer]
en [lieu où l'on va]
to [place where one's going]
commis [attentat, meurtre]
committed [murder or attempt on life]
mongolien [vieux] [péj.] [trisomique]
mongoloid [dated] [péj.] [with Down's syndrome]
franchement [parler, s'exprimer]
pschitt [bruit de gaz qui s'échappe]
vivement [s'intéresser]
consécutif [qui s'ensuit]
consequential [resulting]
voluntarily [of one's own free will]
hermétiquement [s'exprimer]
ricambiare [auguri, cortesia, favore]
to reciprocate [ feelings­, a favour, etc.]
stracchino {m}
stracchino [Italian cow's-milk cheese, typical of Lombardy]
monopattino {m}
scooter [child's vehicle]
sturalavandino {m}
plunger [plumber's helper]
stare in piedi
to stand [be on one's feet]
jignire {f}
offence [to feelings­] [esp. Br.]
baroneasă {f}
baroness [baron's wife]
patricid {n}
patricide [the killing of one's father]
fratricid {n}
fratricide [killing of one's brother or sister]
adcommodare [1]
to adapt [oneself, to another's wishes or opinions]
soccus {m}
shoe [woman's]
socci {}
shoes [women's]
хмурый chmuryj
somber [Am.] [person, expression on face, sky etc.]
посвящать [свою жизнь, время и т.п. ] [несов.] poswjaschtschatʹ
to devote [one's life, time etc.]
помнить [несов.] pomnitʹ
to remember [have in one's memory]
шаркать [несов.] [при ходьбе] scharkatʹ
to shuffle [with one's feet]
ослабить [хватку, дисциплину, внимание, контроль, мышцы и т.п.] [сов.] oslabitʹ
to relax [one's grip, rule, attention, control, muscles etc.]
уволить [освободить от должности] [сов.] uwolitʹ
to dismiss [discharge from one's job]
увольнять [несов.] [освобождать от должности] uwolʹnjatʹ
to dismiss [to discharge from one's job]
владеть [несов.] [иметь своей собственностью] wladetʹ
to hold [have in one's possession]
вантуз {м} wantus
plunger [plumber's helper]
фартук {м} [передник] fartuk
apron [e. g. a cook's apron]
peerelowski [pot.] [odnoszący się do PRL-u]
[coll.] [pertaining to the People's Republic of Poland]
u [+gen.] [kogoś]
at [ place]
zatopić [własny okręt] [dok.]
to scuttle [one's own ship]
bratanica {f}
niece [brother's daughter]
siostrzenica {f}
niece [sister's daughter]
bratanek {m} [osob.]
nephew [brother's son]
siostrzeniec {m} [osob.]
nephew [sister's son]
gabinet {m}
surgery [Br.] [doctor's consulting room]
wole {n} [u ptaków]
crop [bird's craw]
smoczek {m} [na butelce dla dziecka]
teat [of baby's bottle]
vytříbený [s dobrými mravy]
lichoběžník {m} [s dvěma rovnoběžnými stranami]
sluchátka {} [s mikrofonem]
jeho [s dôrazom a na začiatku vety]
strakatý [s bielymi a tmavými škvrnami okrem čiernej]
zo [+gen.] [pred s-, z-, š-, ž-, pred skup. spoluhlások obsahujúcich -s-, -z-, -š-, -ž- a v spojeniach]
zo [+gen.] [pred s-, z-, š-, ž-, pred skup. spoluhlások obsahujúcich -s-, -z-, -š-, -ž- a v spojeniach]
so [+inšt.] [pred s-, z-, š-, ž- a pred skup. spoluhlások obsahujúcich -s-, -z-, -š-, -ž-]
with <w/>
ku [+dat.] [pred k-, g-, pred skup. spoluhlások s -k-, -g- a v spojeniach]
okrem [+gen.] [s výnimkou / ]
ku [+dat.] [pred k-, g-, pred skup. spoluhlások s -k-, -g- a v spojeniach]
ku [+dat.] [pred k-, g-, pred skup. spoluhlások s -k-, -g- a v spojeniach]
klasický [vzťahujúci sa na antiku; vytvorený klasikmi; s trvalou hodnotou]
married [from a man's perspective]
married [from a woman's perspective]
married [from a woman's perspective]
ujak {m}
uncle [your mother's brother]
ujna {f}
aunt [your mother's brother's wife]
strina {f}
aunt [your father's brothers' wife]
Oklahoma {f}
Oklahoma [U.S. state]
ujac {m} [reg.]
uncle [your mother's brother]
stric {m}
uncle [your father's brother]
gaće {pl}
shorts {pl} [esp. Am.] [men's underpants]
bratična {f}
niece [brother's daughter]
sestrična {f}
niece [sister's daughter]
amidžična {f}
cousin [female, daughter of father's brother]
tetična {f}
cousin [female, daughter of mother's or father's sister]
dajdžična {f}
cousin [female, daughter of mother's brother]
Mjesec {m} [satelit planete Zemlje]
Moon [Earth's satellite]
tečična {f} [ist.]
cousin [female, daughter of mother's or father's sister]
amidža {m}
uncle [father's brother]
dajdža {m}
uncle [mother's brother]
sestrić {m}
nephew [sister's son]
прав prav
upright [of a person's posture]
обогатявам [знания] [несв.] obogatjavam
to improve [one's knowledge etc.]
вуйна {ж} vujna
aunt [maternal uncle's wife]
порок {м} porok
vice [fault or weakness in a person's character]
dögkeselyű [Neophron percnopterus]
aasvogel [S.Afr.] [archaic Afrikaans: vulture]
bunny [child's term for a rabbit]
galley [ship's kitchen]
cab [driver's cab]
pharmacy [chemist's]
kotuliliom [Fritillaria meleagris]
fritillary [Br.] [snake's head fritillary]
kalsarikännit {pl}
[to get drunk in one's underwear at home]
plunger [plumber's helper]
Mjölner [Thorin vasara]
Mjölnir [Thor's Hammer]
frock [Br.] [a woman's or girl's dress]
krimi [karakullampaan karitsan nahka]
karakul [lamb's pelt]
earthwork {sg} [excavation(s)]
uncle [mother's brother]
uncle [father's brother]
aunt [mother's sister]
aunt [father's sister]
mbledh [supet]
to shrug [one's shoulders]
hallë {f}
aunt [father's sister]
atëvrasje {f} [libr.]
patricide [the killing of one's father]
kthej besim
to convert [to change one's religion]
buĉista vendejo
butchery [Br.] [NZ] [butcher's shop]
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