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solitary [single]
solitary [unattached, single]
Einstern [Sterneklasse, Hotelkategorie]
Tourist [acc. to the European Hotelstars Union] [single star]
plain [single-coloured]
konfektioniert [in gewissen Mengen abgepackt]
packaged [separate items as a single unit]
aller- [z. B. allergrößte Leistung]
single [e.g. single greatest achievement]
isolated [single]
solid [Am.] [of a single color]
Eigentumswohnung {f}
condominium [Am.] [single apartment]
Atemzug {m}
breath [single act of breathing in or out]
koopwoning {de}
condominium [Am.] [single apartment]
koopflat {de}
condominium [Am.] [single apartment]
palmada {f}
clap [single clap, ligh strike with palm of hand]
marche {f} [d'un escalier]
stair [single step]
passe {f} [transmission de ballon, passage navigable, passage dans un programme]
pass [ball transfer, river channel, single scan through a set of data or program]
Martinique {f} [une île française située dans les Caraïbes et département et région d'outre-mer]
Martinique <.mq> [an island and an overseas department/region and single territorial collectivity of France]
fleur {f}
posy [Am.] [single flower]
appartement {m} en PPE [suisse]
condominium [Am.] [single apartment]
trenino {m} [scherz.]
conga [party dance in a single line]
otočenie {n} [okolo osi al. iného predmetu]
revolution [single circular movement]
francúzske úvodzovky {pl}
guillemets {pl} [double « and » or single ‹ and ›]
earphone [single earphone]
widow [typography, single line of type at the top of page]
hair [a single hair]
breath [single act of breathing in or out]
hair [single hair]
breath [single act of breathing in or out]
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