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spacious [containing much space, e.g. car, TV room, wardrobe]
eng [auch: beengt; eng anliegend (Kleidung)]
strait [archaic] [narrow; also: affording little space; fitting tightly (clothes)]
übergriffig [Verhalten]
encroaching [on personal space]
Wuchs- [z. B. Bedingungen, Kraft, Raum]
growing [attr.] [growth] [e.g. conditions, power, space]
weiter [z. B. zwei Straßen weiter]
over [postpos.] [on the other side of intervening space] [e.g. two streets over]
einnehmen [Raum; eine Stellung, einen Rang]
to occupy [a space; a position in a system or hierarchy]
beherbergen [eine Sammlung etc.]
to house [provide space, accomodate]
to hem [restrict the space or movement]
to nog [fill in (a space in a wall, as between studs) with bricks]
to plant [any sort of space]
plaats {de} [voor ]
room [space]
världsrymden {u} [best.]
space [outer space, universe]
torg {n}
square [open space often in the center of a town]
rymdvarelse {u}
alien [from outer space]
plads {fk} [torv]
square [open space]
plads {fk}
room [space]
verdensrum {n}
space [outer space]
verdensrom {n}
space [outer space]
romsonde {m} [banesonde]
orbiter [space probe designed to orbit a celestial body]
banesonde {m}
orbiter [space probe designed to orbit a celestial body]
romferje {m/f}
shuttle [space shuttle]
romferge {m/f}
shuttle [space shuttle]
spacious [containing much space, e.g. car, TV room, wardrobe]
nice [living space]
reduced [space]
lugar {m}
room [space]
apretujón {m}
squeeze [crush in a tight space]
agujero {m} espacio-temporal
wormhole [space warp]
vaste [spacieux]
spacious [containing much space, e.g. car, TV room, wardrobe]
grenier {m} [combles]
attic [space]
décalage {m}
interval [space]
place {f} [espace disponible]
room [space]
espace {m}
room [space]
sondă {f} spațială
orbiter [space probe]
мансарда {ж} mansarda
attic [living space]
углубление {с} [выемка, ниша] uglublenije
recess [space]
przestrzeń {f}
room [space]
park {m}
park [recreational space]
odstępnik {m}
spacer [space-bar]
przestrzeń {f} kosmiczna
space [cosmic, outer space]
wolne miejsce {n}
vacancy [empty space]
kosmos {m}
space [outer space]
zakliniť [dok.]
to wedge [squeeze into limited space]
ohnisko {n}
fireplace [space within the structure]
trg {m}
square [public space]
интервал {м} [празно място] interval
blank [blank space]
space [outer space]
distance [space]
matka [välimatka]
distance [space]
distance [space]
space [blank space]
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