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Watte- [z. B. Bausch, Stäbchen, Pad, Pinzette]
cotton [attr.] [e.g. ball or swab, bud or stick, pad, pliers]
basted [beaten with a stick]
basting [beating with a stick]
basted [beat with a stick]
collapsible [telescope, walking stick]
Grab- [Grabe-] [z. B. Gabel, Organ, Stock]
digging [attr.] [e.g. fork, organ, stick]
to bind [make or stick together]
züchtigen [geh.]
to birch [punishment using a birch stick]
verprügeln [mit einem Stock]
to baste [beat with a stick] [coll.] [dated]
Stock {m}
cane [stick for aid in walking or standing]
keu {de}
cue [cue stick]
kølle {m/f} [slagvåpen av politi]
baton [Br.] [stick used as weapon by the police]
kølle {m/f}
club [stick or bat to hit a ball]
gåstav {m}
cane [walking stick]
å jule opp
to baste [beat with a stick] [coll.] [dated]
prik {hv}
staff [stick, rod]
whippy [stick etc.]
to paste [stick]
to beat [with a stick]
estaca {f} [palo afilado]
stake [sharpened stick]
bastón {m}
cane [walking stick]
vara {f}
wand [thin rod / stick]
batefogo {m} [Afr.]
[a stick, broad at one end, which is applied in frantic, repetitive beating motions to regain control of a fire set in one's machamba.]
to project [stick out]
bâton {m}
staff [rod, stick]
mètre {m} [baton gradué]
yardstick [measuring stick]
hurley {m}
hurley [stick used in hurling] [also: hurl or hurling stick]
crosse {f} (de canne)
crook [cane stick]
трость {ж} trostʹ
cane [walking stick]
шест {м} schest
pole [long stick]
волшебная палочка {ж} wolschebnaja palotschka
wand [conjuror's stick]
rózga {f}
rod [stick, cane]
laska {f} [do chodzenia]
stave [walking stick] [dated]
prut {m}
rod [stick, bar [of gold], for fishing, outgrowth [of a plant], cane, etc.]
palica {f}
staff [dated] [or formal] [stick, rod]
žrď {f}
staff [dated] [or formal] [stick, rod]
tyč {f}
staff [dated] [or formal] [stick, rod]
pastel {m} [obraz, farba aj tyčinka]
pastel [picture, colour or stick]
špajdľa {f} [lízanky ap.]
stick [lollipop stick, etc.]
špajľa {f} [lízanky ap.]
stick [lollipop stick, etc.]
štap {m} [za hodanje i oslanjanje]
cane [stick for aid while walking or standing]
cane [walking stick]
staff [stick]
torch [stick with a flame on one end]
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