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crawled [swimming]
crawls [swimming]
crawled [swimming]
Synchron- [z. B. Eiskunstlauf, Synchronschwimmen]
synchronized [e.g. figure skating, synchronized swimming]
bebadbar [schweiz.]
swimmable [safe for swimming]
anschlagen [beim Schwimmen]
to touch [swimming]
hinterherschwimmen [ugs.]
[to be habitually behind all the others in swimming races]
to swim [to cross by swimming]
Brille {f} [Schutz-, Sport-, Schwimmbrille etc.]
goggles {pl} [one pair of safety, swimming, or skiing goggles, etc.]
Badehose {f}
bathers [Aus.] [coll.] [swimming trunks for men and boys]
vlinderslag {de}
butterfly [swimming stroke]
zwemstijl {de}
stroke [swimming style]
fjärilsim {n}
butterfly [swimming stroke]
badvakt {u}
lifeguard [swimming attendant]
badvakt {u}
lifesaver [swimming pool]
butterfly {fk} [svømmestil]
butterfly [swimming stroke]
butterfly {m} [svømmeart]
butterfly [swimming stroke]
svømmeføtter {pl}
flippers [for underwater swimming]
sundlaugarvörður {k}
lifesaver [swimming pool]
crol {m} [natación]
crawl [swimming]
espalda {f} [natación]
backstroke [swimming]
brazada {f} [natación]
stroke [swimming]
largo {m}
lap [one length of swimming pool]
piscina {f}
lap [length of swimming pool and back]
flotador {m}
float [swimming aid, angling device, water level measuring device]
bonnet {m}
cap [shower, swimming, winter]
brasse {f} [mouvement]
stroke [swimming]
nage {f} libre
freestyle [swimming]
aller se baigner
to bathe [esp. Br.] [swim, go swimming]
styl {m} dowolny [w pływaniu]
freestyle [swimming]
bazén {m}
pool [swimming pool]
rozplavba {f}
heat [preliminary eliminating swimming contest]
nafukovacie krídelká {pl}
armbands [for swimming]
bretkosë {f}
breaststroke [in swimming]
pishinë {f}
pool [swimming pool]
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