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schwer [Fahrzeug]
powerful [vehicle]
aufgetankt [Fahrzeug]
fuelled [Br.] [vehicle]
besitzerlos [seltener für: herrenlos] [Fahrzeug, Koffer etc.]
abandoned [vehicle, suitcase, etc.]
hakelig [schwergängig] [ruckelig]
notchy [esp. of a motor vehicle gear mechanism]
Gelenk- [z. B. Arm, Bus, Bagger, Kolben, Fahrzeug]
articulated [e.g. arm, bus, excavator, piston, vehicle]
incoming [train, road vehicle]
anschiebend [durch Schieben in Bewegung setzend]
pushing [esp. a vehicle]
to leave [depart, with a vehicle]
entführen [ein Fahrzeug, ein Flugzeug etc.]
to hijack [a vehicle, an aircraft, etc.]
to reverse [in a vehicle]
to go [by vehicle]
aanrijden [voertuig]
to hit [vehicle]
portier {het}
door [of a vehicle]
att köra
to drive [vehicle]
att backa [köra bakåt]
to reverse [in a vehicle]
afgang {fk} <afg.>
departure <dep.> [of vehicle]
kørsel {fk}
drive [journey in a vehicle]
å rygge [et kjøretøy]
to reverse [a vehicle]
hestebil {m}
horsebox [Br.] [vehicle]
kjøretur {m}
drive [journey in a vehicle]
spesialbil {m}
[speciality car, cars that have lights, like construction firms, doctor, towing vehicle,]
bobil {m}
camper [vehicle]
damaged [vehicle]
manejar [un vehículo] [conducir] [am.]
to drive [a vehicle]
acondicionar [climatizar]
to climatize [to prepare or modify (a building, vehicle, etc.) for use or comfort in a specific climate]
caravana {f}
caravan [group, vehicle]
portezuela {f}
door [of a vehicle]
matriculación {f} [inscripción, de un vehículo]
registration [enrolment, vehicle identification]
to drive [vehicle]
rouler [véhicule]
to ride [by vehicle]
prendre [se déplacer en]
to use [vehicle, means of transport]
ravitailler [en carburant]
to fuel [vehicle, aircraft, machine, etc.]
chauffer [can.]
to drive [vehicle]
to go [drive in a vehicle]
frein {m}
brake [for stopping vehicle]
clignotant {m}
indicator [on a vehicle]
marchepied {m}
footboard [of a vehicle]
vrombissement {m}
zoom [noise of vehicle passing]
heurt {m} [senti pendant qu'on voyage dans un véhicule]
bump [felt whilst travelling in a vehicle]
speeding [of a vehicle]
passaggio {m} [in macchina]
ride [in a vehicle]
monopattino {m}
scooter [child's vehicle]
a conduce [un vehicul]
to go [by vehicle]
танк {м} [боевая машина] tank
tank [combat vehicle]
jechać [niedok.]
to ride [in a vehicle]
pojechać [dok.]
to ride [in a vehicle]
holować [niedok.]
to tow [vehicle]
doholować [dok.]
to tow [vehicle]
przyczepa {f}
trailer [vehicle]
migacz {m}
indicator [Br.] [vehicle]
przejażdżka {f}
ride [in vehicle]
przejazd {m} [np. samochodem]
drive [in vehicle]
karoseria {f}
bodywork [of a vehicle]
kamper {m}
camper [vehicle]
jet [nedok.]
to go [by vehicle]
impassable [by a motor vehicle, because of bad condition]
impassable [by a motor vehicle, because of being blocked]
voz {m} [ťahaný záprahom]
wagon [vehicle pulled by i.e. horses]
havarovať [dok.] [o vozidle al. lietadle]
to crash [of a vehicle or an aircraft]
tereňák {m} [ľud.] [terénne auto]
SUV [sports utility vehicle]
povoz {m} [voz ťahaný záprahom]
wagon [vehicle pulled by i.e. horses]
povoz {m} [voz ťahaný záprahom]
waggon [Br.] [vehicle pulled by i.e. horses]
voz {m} [ťahaný záprahom]
waggon [Br.] [vehicle pulled by i.e. horses]
dojazd {m}
range [distance that can be covered by a vehicle without refuelling]
car [motor vehicle]
camper [vehicle]
camper [vehicle]
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