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häuslich [Arbeit, Gewalt, Pflichten etc.; auch: Person]
domestic [work, violence, duties, etc.; also: person (fond of family life and running a home)]
gory [scene, story, violence]
lawless [violence]
blind [fig.] [Gewalt etc.]
mindless [rage, violence etc.]
to espouse [violence etc.]
aufflammen [auch fig.]
to flare [also fig.: trouble, violence]
gebrauchen [anwenden, ausüben (Gewalt etc.)]
to exert [violence etc.]
massakrieren [Personen oder Tiere in grausamer, brutaler Weise umbringen]
to massacre [to murder or kill persons or animals, esp. with violence or cruelty]
Drangsalieren {n}
bullying [with violence]
Entfesselung {f} [oft fig.]
unleashing [esp. fig.] [of war, violence, market forces, etc.]
voldsprodukt {n}
[product that can be used to commit an act of violence]
voldsalarm {m}
[electronic device equipped with GPS with which a person exposed to violence or threats can notify the police]
violent [has tendency to violence]
impressionnable [violence à l'écran]
déferler [violence, protestations]
to erupt
rejeter [violence]
to eschew [violence]
déchaîner [violence, conflit]
to unleash
déchaîner [violence, conflit]
to trigger [fig.]
déchaîner [violence, conflit]
to provoke
furie {f} [rage, violence]
exaction {f} [acte de violence]
remontée {f} [de violence, d'incidents]
poussée {f} [de violence]
dezlănțuire {f}
unleashing [esp. fig.] [of war, violence, market forces, etc.]
násilnícky [o správaní]
abusive [involving violence]
surový [násilnícky]
abusive [involving violence]
brutalita {f}
viciousness [cruelty, violence]
brutálnosť {f}
viciousness [cruelty, violence]
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