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denn [verstärkendes Wort in Fragen wie "Wer / Warum denn ist ... ?"]
then [intensifying term in questions like "Who / why then is ... ?"]
hintergehen [verraten, in den Rücken fallen]
to betray [hurt somebody who trusts you]
Nachfolger {m} <Nchf., Nachf., Nf.> [, der jemandes Nachfolge antritt]
successor [esp. one who succeeds to a throne, title, estate, or office]
Drückeberger {m} [Faulpelz, Arbeitsscheuer]
slacker [coll.] [person who shirks work]
Lamm {n} [auch fig.: sanfter und geduldiger Mensch]
lamb [also fig.: meek and innocent person who is easilly led]
Spaßvogel {m}
jester [person who habitually plays the fool]
Arschficker {m} [vulg.] [pej.]
bugger [esp. Br.] [sl.] [offensive] [person who supposedly commits buggery]
Abzocker {m} [ugs.]
hustler [Am.] [coll.] [person who employs fraudulent methods to obtain money]
Verweigerer {m}
holdout [Am.] [person who declines to participate, cooperate, agree, etc.]
Schlamper {m} [ugs.]
sloven [dated] [man who is habitually messy, esp. in work]
grappenmaker {de}
joker [person who makes jokes]
mjölkbud {n} [kvinnlig]
dairywoman [woman who delivers dairy products]
mjölkbud {n} [manlig]
dairyman [man who delivers dairy products]
nagelbitare {u}
nailbiter [person who bites his nails habitually]
rösträknare {u}
teller [person who counts votes]
ritare {u}
drawer [one who draws]
tegner {fk}
drawer [one who draws]
finnerlønn {m/f}
reward [money paid to who finds ]
pendler {m}
commuter [person who commutes]
skremmer {m} [ som skremmer]
spooker [ who spooks, or practices spookery]
sommervikar {m}
[person who substitutes another during summer holidays]
vertinne {m/f}
hostess [a woman who has guests]
[person som overdriver mye]
bullshitter [person who exaggerates a lot]
[who has the eye to distinguish between sheep]
skemmdarvargur {k}
vandal [one who damages property]
teiknari {k}
drawer [one who draws]
ómagi {k}
[a person who is unable to support himself due to his youth, old age or illness]
ástandið {hv} [samskipti íslenskra kvenna og breskra eða bandarískra hermanna á árum seinni heimsstyrjaldar]
[the relationships of Icelandic women with British and then American soldiers who came to occupy the country during World War II]
þingfulltrúi {k}
[person who is entitled to attend an association meeting or congress]
þulur {k} [fræðaþulur]
[(old) man who knows and conveys ancient knowledge]
æðarbóndi {k}
farmer [who collects eiderdown on his land]
æringi {k}
jester [person who habitually plays the fool]
æskudýrkun {kv}
[admiration for those who are young]
curandero {m}
quack [coll.] [pej.] [unqualified person who pretends to have medical expertise]
guardia {m}
guard [person who is protecting]
demostrador {m}
demonstrator [person who demonstrates a product]
demostradora {f}
demonstrator [female] [person who demonstrates a product]
covidiota {m}
[a person who doesn't comply with sanitary rules]
compostera {f}
[any person who composts or is skillful in composting]
compostador {m}
[any person who composts or is skillful in composting]
consentidor {m}
panderer [male person who indulges others]
consentidora {f}
panderer [female person who indulges others]
necrológica {f}
necrology [list of people who have died recently]
to betray [hurt somebody who trusts you]
logeur {m}
landlord [who lets furnished rooms]
logeuse {f}
landlady [who lets furnished rooms]
balayeur {m}
sweeper [ who sweeps]
balayeuse {f}
sweeper [a female who sweeps]
dessinateur {m}
drawer [ who draws]
dessinatrice {f}
drawer [female who draws]
Kennemerland {m}
Kennemerland [coastal region in the northwestern Netherlands, its name comes from the Kennemer people, who were Frisians that fought with the Counts of Holland and lost in the Middle Ages]
castellologue {m}
castellologist [person who studies the building of castles]
castellologue {f}
castellologist [person who studies the building of castles] [female]
soupeur {m}
diner [person who dines]
cementista {m}
cementer [one who cements]
pagliaccio {m}
jester [person who habitually plays the fool]
țapinar {m}
lumberjack [who uses a cant hook]
covidiot {m} [pop.]
covidiot [coll.] [pej.] [person who is foolishly reckless with respect to avoiding contracting or spreading COVID-19]
simpatizant {m}
sympathizer [one who agrees with a sentiment or opinion]
vânător {m} de foci
sealer [person who hunts seals]
abactor {m}
[one who drives off]
именинница {ж} imeninniza
[A female person who celebrates her namesday]
бродяга {м} {ж} [разг.] [тот, кто любит странствовать] brodjaga
gadabout [coll.] [who likes travelling]
курильщик {м} kurilʹschtschik
smoker [person who smokes]
носильщик {м} nosilʹschtschik
carrier [person who carries]
kopacz {m} [osob.]
digger [one who digs]
šašo {n} [človek, kt. zo seba robí blázna pre zábavu]
zany [coll.] [often pej.] [one who makes a buffoon or laughing stock of himself to amuse others]
rozhodca {m}
judge [one who makes judgments]
žráč {m} [han.]
chowhound [Am.] [coll.] [person who eats excessively]
žrút {m} [han.]
chowhound [Am.] [coll.] [person who eats excessively]
papkáč {m} [ľud.]
chowhound [Am.] [coll.] [person who loves eating (much)]
papáč {m} [ľud.]
chowhound [Am.] [coll.] [person who loves eating (much)]
jedák {m}
chowhound [Am.] [coll.] [person who loves eating (much)]
pahltník {m} [han.]
chowhound [Am.] [coll.] [greedy person who eats excessively]
pažravec {m} [han.]
chowhound [Am.] [coll.] [person who eats excessively]
neprítomný {m}
absentee [person who was expected to be at a certain place]
glasser [person who cuts glass]
waiter [one who waits]
waiter [one who waits]
teller [person who counts votes]
stalker [person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention]
mbytës {m}
choker [one who chokes]
atëvrasës {m} [libr.]
patricide [person who murders his father]
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