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devoted [wife, husband, mother, father]
treuliebend [Ehemann]
uxorious [rare] [husband: having or showing a great fondness for his wife]
Gattin {f} [geh.]
spouse [wife]
Ehemalige {f} [ugs.] [Ex-Ehefrau oder Ex-Freundin]
ex [coll.] [ex-girlfriend or ex-wife]
Gemahlin {f} [geh.]
spouse [wife]
Gemahlin {f} [geh.] [bes. eines Herzogs, Königs etc.]
consort [wife, esp. of a reigning monarch]
Uxorizid {m} [Mord an der Ehefrau]
uxoricide [murder of one's wife]
Fußballerfrau {f} [leicht pej.]
wag [Br.] [coll.] [wife of a high-profile footballer]
Verflossene {f} [ugs.] [frühere Ehefrau, Freundin, Lebensgefährtin]
ex [coll.] [former wife, girlfriend, or other partner in a relationship]
Dorfhelferin {f}
[church supplied farm helper as a stand-in for a farmer's wife during illness, etc.]
gezin {het}
family [husband/wife and children]
esposa {f}
spouse [wife]
ex {f} [fam.]
ex [coll.] [wife, girlfriend]
échangisme {m}
swinging [sl.] [wife / partner swapping]
baronne {f}
baroness [baron's wife]
reine {f} consort [épouse non couronnée d'un souverain régnant]
consort [wife, esp. of a reigning monarch]
soție {f}
spouse [wife]
baroneasă {f}
baroness [baron's wife]
consoartă {f} [pop.]
spouse [wife]
małżonka {f}
spouse [wife]
barónka {f}
baroness [baron's wife]
ujna {f}
aunt [your mother's brother's wife]
strina {f}
aunt [your father's brothers' wife]
supruga {f}
spouse [wife]
вуйна {ж} vujna
aunt [maternal uncle's wife]
spouse [wife]
Piispan vaimo
The Bishop's Wife [also: Cary and the Bishop's Wife] [Henry Koster]
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