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reasonable [within reason]
reasonable [within limits]
internal [within a company]
parteiintern [Konflikt, Uneinigkeit, Streit]
factional [within a party]
intrakavitär [in einer Organ- oder Körperhöhle]
intracavitary [within an organ or body cavity]
internal [within a country]
internally [within the country]
intrakavernös [im Sinus cavernosus]
intracavernous [within the cavernous sinus]
innerweltlich [bes. bei Heidegger]
intraworldly [esp. in Heidegger] [within-the-world]
controlled [kept within limits]
internal [within a party]
staat {de}
state [within a country]
deelstaat {de}
state [within a country]
vleesbuffet {het}
carvery [station within a buffet]
att variera
to range [vary within limits]
delstat {u}
state [within a country]
domestic [within a country]
delstat {m}
state [within a country]
dómsvald {hv}
jurisdiction [to be within a court's authority]
kampavín {hv}
champagne [produced within the Champagne region of France]
veiðireynsla {kv}
[total catch that a ship has made within a specified period]
flóabátur {k}
coaster [intended for transportation within bays and fjords]
jurisdição {f}
jurisdiction [to be within a court's authority]
Groenland {m} [pays constitutif du royaume de Danemark]
Greenland <.gl> [autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark]
collège {m} [corps constitué dans une université]
college [within university, esp. in Br.]
fil {m}
lead [wire within a power cable]
Aruba {f} [aussi : Pays d'Aruba] [un État du royaume des Pays-Bas]
Aruba <.aw> [also: Country of Aruba] [a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands]
Bonaire {f} [une île dans les Petites Antilles et une commune néerlandaise]
Bonaire <.an, .nl> [a "Caribbean public body" within the country of the Netherlands]
Curaçao {f} [un État du royaume des Pays-Bas]
Curaçao <.an, .cw> [a constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands]
Galicie {f}
Galicia [once a crown land of Austria-Hungary, the nucleus of historic Galicia lies within the modern regions of western Ukraine]
șampanie {f}
champagne [produced within the Champagne region of France]
ohnisko {n}
fireplace [space within the structure]
špión {m} [vnútri organizácie]
mole [fig.] [spy within an organization]
vystúpenie {n} [časť programu]
act [performance within a show]
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