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busy [fully occupied, working to capacity]
wood [attr.] [wooden; also: for working with wood, e.g. wood saw]
plying [working with]
gebeizt [Metallbearbeitung]
pickled [metal working]
to assess [costs, working hours etc.]
Fitnessstudio {n}
gym [for working out]
Ruhestand {m}
retirement [after working life]
Pension {f} [österr.] [südd.]
retirement [after working life]
Gespann {n} [vor eine Wagen gespannte Zugtiere; auch fig.: Paar]
team [of animals in harness (to pull a vehicle); also fig.: two people working together]
Streber {m} [Student]
smug [Br.] [sl.] [dated] [hard-working student]
pensionering {de}
retirement [after working life]
sykkelmekking {m/f} [uform.]
[working on a bicycle]
starfslok {hv.ft}
retirement [after working life]
kúristi {k} [gamaldags] [niðr.]
grind [coll.] [excessively hard-working student]
to retire [stop working and take a pension]
colaboración {f}
collaboration [working together]
functional [working]
incapacité {f} [travail]
disability [working]
grisette {f} [vieilli parfois péj.]
grisette [also: grizette] [French working-class woman from the late 17th century onwards]
bûcheur {m} [fam.]
grind [coll.] [excessively hard-working student]
youyou {m} [embarcation]
skiff [working boat]
Serrano {m}
[race of small Spanish working horses]
bûcheuse {f} [fam.]
grind [coll.] [female] [excessively hard-working student]
broken [not working]
proletarian [working class]
obliczenie {n}
calculation [working out a problem]
dzień {m} roboczy
weekday [working / business day]
functioning [working]
parta {f} [ľud.] [hl. prac. skupina]
outfit [coll.] [group of working people]
posilňovňa {f}
gym [for working out]
posilka {f} [ľud.] [posilňovňa]
gym [for working out]
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