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buff [brownish-yellow]
yeller [Am.] [eye dialect spelling for yellow]
[suspended due to accumulated yellow cards]
hellgelb [wie Maisgrannen]
cornsilk [Am.] [Can.] [very light yellow]
capucine [pale greenish-yellow]
vergilben [Anstrich]
to bilge [of white paint: to turn yellow]
Mirabelle {f}
mirabelle [small yellow plum]
Gelbs {pl} [ugs.]
yellows [shades of yellow]
Gold {n}
or [gold or yellow, as a heraldic tincture]
Gilb {m} [ugs.] [hum.]
[imaginary evil spirit that causes white fabric, paper, or paint to turn yellow]
lemon [lemon yellow]
lemony [lemon yellow]
gul näckros {u} [Nuphar lutea]
brandy-bottle [yellow water-lily]
advarsel {fk} [gult kort]
booking [yellow card]
gulost {n}
gulost [medium-hard yellow cheese]
dvergnykurrós {kv} [Nuphar pumila]
spatterdock [small yellow pond-lily]
safran [couleur]
saffron [yellow]
chartreuse [yellow-green]
кашкавал {м} kaschkaval
kashkaval [type of yellow cheese made of cow milk]
isabellan keltainen
isabelline [isabella yellow]
to bilge [of white paint: to turn yellow]
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