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paddeln [auch mit Füßen]
to paddle [also with feet]
to paddle [waddle]
rudern [paddeln]
to paddle
to paddle [dabble in water]
versohlen [ugs.]
to paddle [Am.] [coll.]
verhauen [ugs.]
to paddle [esp. Am.] [coll.]
Paddel {n}
Tischtennisschläger {m}
paddle [ping pong]
Schaufel {f} [Radschaufel]
Kelle {f} [ugs: Tischtennisschläger]
paddle [ping pong]
att paddla
to paddle [canoe etc.]
å padle
to paddle [a canoe etc.]
padleåre {m/f}
paddle [for a canoe etc.]
að keifa
to paddle [waddle]
patauger [au bord de la mer, etc.]
to paddle [at the seaside etc.]
aube {f} [en bois]
pagaie {f}
шлёпать [по воде или грязи] [несов.] schljopatʹ
to paddle [wade]
байдарочное весло {с} bajdarotschnoje weslo
paddle [for canoe]
wiosłować [niedok.]
to paddle [row]
wiosło {n}
paddle [small oar]
čľapkať sa [nedok.] [v plytkej vode]
to paddle
pľačkať sa [nedok.] [v plytkej vode]
to paddle
to paddle [also with feet]
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